Human Touch HT- 7120

Picture of HT 7120 in black. Picture of HT 7120 in brown.

Everything you’re looking for in a massage chair and some things you didn't even know were available.

The Human Touch HT-7120 is loaded with some of the most advanced massage features on the market. Start with the rotating foot and calf massager that provides invigorating relief to tired, sore muscles. And a lumbar heater that soothes lower back muscles in preparation for a therapeutic massage simulating the healing hands and techniques of an expert massage therapist. You control it all with Human Touch’s Massage Comfort-Control Technology that lets you seamlessly adjust from a gentle to an intense massage. Take a seat in the HT-7120’s rich leather upholstery and discover a chair more beautiful and effective than chairs twice its price.

Art meets state-of-the-art

Beauty goes well beyond skin deep with the HT-7120. This remarkable chair contains the most advanced Human Touch technology in a sleek, colorful design that fits any room.

Foot and Calf Massage with Adjustable Width Control

Two 15-minute programs offer gentle or vigorous foot and calf massage that simulates the squeeze and release techniques of expert massage therapists. Also features adjustable-width control for a customized fit.


Comfort-Control Technology

Use Massage Comfort-Control Technology on the remote control to customize massage intensity. You can also use the Massage Comfort-Control Technology (in non-massage mode) to create a seating experience of unsurpassed comfort and relaxation.


Dual-Lumbar Back Heat

Two lumbar heat modules gently warm the lower back muscles, gradually reducing tightness and soreness. Heat calms and soothes back muscles, preparing them for a more restorative massage and faster healing.


Full-Body-Stretch Mode

Calf massage wells gently hold your legs as the chair reclines to arch your back and engage a gentle body-stretching program with massage of your lower back.



Other Notable Features

  • Penetrating Neck Massage
  • Leather / Leather Match Upholstery
  • Swivels 30 Degrees on Upholstered Base
  • Shoulder Height Adjustment


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