Beneath this luxurious leather match exterior are the “hands” of a trained massage professional – ready to provide you with a customized back, leg, and foot massage at the touch of a button. Human Touch Technology™ starts with a patented mechanism that works like “wrists and arms.”

Our multi-patent Human Touch Technology® massage system so closely replicates the therapeutic techniques used by back and spinal care professionals that it is the preferred technology of the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists. It is designed to follow the natural contour of your spine and move three-dimensionally in four different modes.

Available in 2 colour choices, Black, and bone.
Click on the colour swatch to change the colour of the chair

Your 24/7 Personal Robotic Masseuse
HT-102 does what you tell it, from the ergonomic headrest to the rotating calf and foot massager. You customize each movement to your own preference. The remote control gives you direct access to three individual pre-programmed massage sessions lasting 15 minutes each.

Discover the ultimate in Robotic Massage®, wrapped up in a stylish, superior quality exterior that is virtually maintenance free.
Rotating Multi-Speed Foot & Calf Massager
Feels like strong hands providing a powerful three-dimensional massage for your calves and feet.
Human Touch Technology® starts with a patented mechanism that works like wrists and arms. We added hands massage rollers that move three dimensionally on a straight track. The result is a Robotic Massage® that feels remarkably human.

Rolling: Feels like the gentle hands of a massage therapist, pressing firmly along your spine. It relieves tension and loosens the muscles to prepare your back for deeper massage.

Kneading: Feels like thumbs pressing firmly in a circular motion on both sides of the spine. This therapeutic motion goes deeper, lifting and stretching muscles to improve circulation.

Compression: (HTT™ exclusive) Feels like the heels of a professional therapist's hands firmly pushing alternately into the muscles along each side of your spine. This mode aids in improving mobility and posture.

Percussion: Feels like fists or the edge of hands rapidly tapping on your back muscles. This is the deep muscle therapy popular in sports medicine. It flexes spinal joints, relieves pressure, and invigorates your entire back.
Human Touch Technology® - the most advanced robotic massage system available.
blue dot Straight Track is designed to follow the natural S-curved contour of your spine and offers an enhanced massage in the cervical and lumbar region.
blue dot 4 Massage Functions - including rolling, kneading, compression and percussion in multiple modes.
blue dot 3 Massage Programs - upper, lower and full back massage programs.
blue dot Range Control to customize location of kneading and compression functions.
blue dot 3 shoulder height adjustments
blue dot Rotating calf and foot massage ottoman.
blue dot 2 speed, one program calf and foot massager.
blue dot 170 degree recline angle.
blue dot Power recline backrest.
blue dot Rugged construction and virtually maintenance free.
Rolling: 1 speed
Kneading: 1 speed
Compression: 1 speed
Percussion: 1 speed
Adjust Manual:
Manually moves massage rollers to desired location for kneading, compression, and percussion
Programmed Massage Sessions:
3 invigoration 15 minute pre-programmed massage sessions
Power activation of recline/incline
Calf + Foot Massage:
1 program, 2 speeds
Stop/Auto Park:
Stops all massage functions and parks the massage rollers in their heights position
Remote Control
The art of style.
Our trend-setting team of designers continually introduces new colors, new styles, and new fabrics; because we know it's not enough that our products provide the most effective Robotic Massage® on the market. To deserve a place in your environment, our chairs must be great looking as well as therapeutic. It's our way of saying we understand what you want
The science of comfort.
Everyone likes to feel good. At Interactive Health®, it's all we think about. Our development teams analyze the treatments used by massage therapists, chiropractors, and physicians, and transfer their expertise into the rollers of the HT™ robotic massage chairs. The sophisticated Human Touch Technology® mechanisms that animate our family of chairs emulate as closely as possible the techniques utilized by health care professionals.
Style: HT-102 Chair Recline Dimensions: 68" L x 28" W x 28" H
Product Description: Human Touch™ Robotic Massage® Chair Chair Upright Dimensions: 45" L x 28" W x 45" H
Volt AC: 110 Weight Product Lbs: 135 lbs
AMP/Watt: .75/90 Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warraty
Regulatory Certification: cETL Included: Massage Softening Pad, Use and Care Manual
Recline Angle: Upright 120°/Reclined 170°    
Massage Head Storage: Top    
Automatic Timer Shut-Off: 15 minutes    
Total Massage Stroke Length: 20'    
Upholstery Material: Leather Match Vinyl    
Armrest Material Solid Oak/Leather Match Vinyl    
Massage Robot: Human Touch Technology® Robotic Massage® 2 Disc    


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**Interactive Health does not make any medical claims.

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