A “Must-Have” for your corporate events.

M and M Sales and Consulting has been providing companies with the ultimate “must-have” for their corporate events. Whether you are planning a health and wellness event, a VIP function for your most important clients, or a corporate and member golf tournament, M and M Sales and Consulting can provide you with your very own personal masseuse in the form of the Robotic Massage Chair. These all-leather recliners, manufactured in Long Beach, California, have a patented massage technology called HTT or Human Touch Technology, which separates them from the competition in North America. This technology incorporates rollers and discs, which move three dimensionally to replicate the hands of a Registered Massage Therapist. The World Federation of Chiropractic certifies this technology, thus the chair not only feels good, it’s good for you. 

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It is designed to relieve stress, tension, muscle soreness, and improve blood flow circulation throughout the body. Essentially, you are getting the real therapeutic benefits of a massage, sitting in the comforts of an attractive leather recliner.

Having these chairs available within a designated area for your members, clients and guests to use at their leisure will further enhance your corporate event.  It’s a wonderful amenity and luxury you can now include when hosting your function. It truly is like having your very own massage therapist available 24-7.

This chair offers your clients and guests 5 invigorating massages on the back, shoulders and neck. Attached at the bottom of the chair is an ottoman, to massage your calves and feet, identical to reflexology. All the massages are pre-set, stopping automatically after 15 minutes.

My professional services include providing your company with one or more massage chairs, depending on the number of people attending your event.  I personally demonstrate to  employees and guests for the duration of your special event. This ensures a very simple and easy process for you, the client, as I know first-hand the logistics that go behind planning any special event.

This service is available for events of any duration, so please call now and book early.  I guarantee having these “personal masseuses” will make your event a more memorable experience.

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