The design

With the discipline and wisdom that can only come from years of experience, we carefully researched and selected each component that would make our dream chair a reality All materials are polished, matched or finished to obtain the highest level of luster and brilliance. Aesthetically and technically the Perfect Chair reflects Interactive Health's commitment to manufacture products of superior quality and value.

Aerospace science and ergonomics

Not by coincidence the body frame ergonomics are inspired by the neutral body posture chaise position developed by NASA to support astronauts during their ascent into orbit. Modified for use in stationary applications and incorporating our multi-patented technology, the Perfect Chair body frame, made from 100 percent renewable parawood, is designed to provide years of comfort and can accommodate individuals weighing up to 285 pounds.

Picture of The Perfect Chair. Shown in Mocha leather pad set.

Renewable wood and masterwood-workers

We are proud that the Perfect Chair is meticulously produced, using only plantation-grown parawood that is one hundred percent renewable. Each of our master wood-workers must serve a two-year apprenticeship before being allowed to create the uniquely balanced curve that supports a Perfect Chair. Once completed, the final inspection of every base is done in daylight -- to ensure the flawlessness that is our hallmark.

Zero Gravity Perfect Chair Recline
Zero Gravity Perfect Chair Headrest
Zero Gravity Perfect Chair
The neutral body posture chaise position elevates your legs above your heart, relieving weight from your spine. Doctors recommend this as the healthiest way to sit. The adjustable headrest allows you to customize the optimum angle of comfort to maximize neck support while reading or watching television at any recline angle. As your feet rise above your heart, pressure is removed from your spine, allowing absolute surrender into deep relaxation.
Grey Dot Extra wide Leg rest provides maximum comfort.
Grey Dot Hand-carved, hand-finished base pleases the eye and is constructed for years of use.
Grey Dot Interactive Health's easy-to-use recline control system with the Mechlock brake allows precise position control and is extremely reliable.
Grey Dot Ergonomically shaped, adjustable headrest cushion allows you to customize the angle of comfort for your head and neck.
Grey Dot Exclusive guide rail system ensures smooth recline motion.
Grey Dot Multi-patented construction throughout means the Perfect Chair is one of a kind.
Grey Dot Available in a manual or electric recline models.
Grey Dot Interchangeable pad and base colors so you can design the Perfect Chair for your home.
Picture of The Perfect Chair choice of colours available.
Picture of The Perfect Chair used in a home theatre setting

Style: Perfect Chair® Spanner Wedge Table  
Classic/Electric Weight Product Lbs: 19 lbs
Product Description: Perfect Chair® Manual Base  
  Bases/Pads/Accessories Chair Reclined Dimensions: 64" L x 28" W x 33" H
    Chair Upright Dimensions: 48" L x 40" W x 33" H
Volt AC: 120 (on Electric Perfect Chair® Only) Weight Product Lbs: 76 lbs
AMP/Watt: .8/92 (on Electric Perfect Chair® Only)    
    Electric Base  
Recline Angle: 110-175 Degrees Chair Reclined Dimensions: 64" L x 28" W x 33" H
    Chair Upright Dimensions: 48" L x 40" W x 33" H
Upholstery Material: Leather or Micro-suede Weight Product Lbs: 78 lbs
Pad Set      
Weight Product Lbs: 20 lbs    
Accessory Table   Country of Origin: Thailand
Weight Product Lbs: 2.63 lbs Weight Shipping Lbs: 85.3 Lbs
    Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty
Spanner Table      
Weight Product Lbs: 18.5 lbs    


* M and M Sales is an authorized Ontario retailer for the interactive health line of Perfect Chairs.
**Interactive Health does not make any medical claims.

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