Human Touch HT-1650

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True beauty is a massage chair that looks as good as it feels.

At first glance, all you see of our top-of-the-line Human Touch HT-1650 are its clean lines and supple, uncorrected, top-grain aniline-dyed leather. A chair that looks at home in even the most HT-1650 décor. But it’s not until you take a seat, lean back, kick up your feet and turn it on that you realize this remarkable chair’s full beauty – its inner beauty.

As one of the only true robotic massage chairs to provide a fully retractable foot and calf massager and footrest, the HT-1650 delivers a full head-to-toe experience. Turn on the lumbar heaters, relax your arms and hands on the vibrating rests and select any of eight unique massage programs. The Acupoint Detection sensors automatically locate your acupressure points then our patented Robotic Massage System eases away pain, tension and muscle soreness, emulating the same techniques used by massage and chiropractic professionals. And to ensure optimal comfort and results, features such as our Massage Comfort Control let you customize your massage intensity. It’s form. It’s function. It’s the HT-1650, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Art meets state-of-the-art

Beauty goes well beyond skin deep with the HT-1650. This remarkable chair contains the most advanced Human Touch technology within its rich, top-grade leather upholstery.

Comfort-Control Technology

Use Massage Comfort-Control Technology on the remote control to customize massage intensity. You can also use the Massage Comfort-Control Technology (in non-massage mode) to create a seating experience of unsurpassed comfort and relaxation.

8 Auto-Programmed Massages

Select the expertly designed program that fits your needs and desires – Full Body Sore Muscle Relief, Sports & Back Therapy, Leg/Foot/Hip Therapy, Neck/Shoulder Relief, After Work Stretch, Morning Program, Night-time Program, and Auto Demo.

Superior Materials and Finish

Uncorrected, top-grain aniline-dyed leather (even the back is fully upholstered), double top stitching and a beautifully finished solid hardwood trim.

Retractable Foot And Calf Massager

It’s critical to massage the calves in an upward, rolling or wave-like fashion. This motion forces blood away from the feet and toward the core of the body allowing fresh nutrient-rich blood to re-enter the calves and feet for greater healing and soothing comfort.

Acupoint Detection System

To ensure an effective and targeted massage, our Acupoint detection system scans the entire length of the back mapping key pressure points to target during your customized massage.

Dual-Lumbar Back Heat

Two lumbar heat modules gently warm the lower back muscles, gradually reducing tightness and pain. In addition to calming and soothing back muscles, and preparing them for a more restorative massage, heat also encourages blood vessels to expand, rushing nutrient-rich blood to the sore or tense areas to promote healing.


Other Notable Features

  • 8-Point Pulsating Seat Massage System
  • Integrated Visco-Elastic Foam Seat
  • Armrest Vibration
  • Contoured Comfort Neck Pillow


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**Interactive Health does not make any medical claims.

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