Our goal at M and M Sales and Consulting is simple: providing a massage experience to improve health and wellness in your workplace one employee at a time.


In today’s workplace, we all feel the stress and pressure to work hard, perform and exceed at the highest level. Unfortunately, this usually comes at a huge health and wellness cost to the employer. It is very common for employees to take time off due to stress-related headaches, back, and neck pain, often caused by poor blood flow circulation. Some employers have recognized that having a registered massage therapist come in every so often to the workplace has real health and therapeutic benefits. Unfortunately it was often expensive, time-consuming and many employees were not comfortable undergoing such a personal experience in the workplace.


For the past six years, M and M Sales and Consulting has helped companies improve their employees’ overall health and wellness. We provide the only massage chair in North America to be approved by both the American and World College of Chiropractic. These small, ergonomically designed recliner chairs are geared to relieve stress, tension, muscle soreness and improve blood flow circulation through out the body including calves and feet (reflexology). Sitting in these chairs for just 10-15 minutes can therapeutically boost your circulatory and immune system, giving your employees more energy to perform at a higher level. Having several of these chairs in an employee lounge, designated health and wellness area, or simply a quiet room, employees can recharge with a full massage experience during a short break. Having healthier and more productive people working for you always favours positively on your company’s bottom line. Please join the many companies who now recognize and understand the importance of health and wellness in today’s ever-changing workplace.

Please click on the Massage Chair icon to view all the chairs offered by M and M Sales and Consulting. Also, click on the new Perfect Chair icon. It’s a recliner chair that puts you in a zero gravity position, instantly removing all the stress and pressure off the back.

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